Is Simple Sites Big Profits A SCAM??

Is Simple Sites Big Profits A SCAM??? Read on…

What Is Simple Sites Big Profits?

Simple Sites Big Profits is a training platform created by Marcus Campbell claiming that you can quickly earn $137 a day by using a simple 3 to 5 page website. He goes on further to claim that it’s possible to create a good cash flow from these simple sites, like he’s done for over the past 20 years.

According to Campbell in order to make money from simple sites big profits, you need to use affiliate marketing, CPA and paid traffic.

If you’re a newbie, you probably believe that what Campbell says is possible, and it certainly is very possible. 

However, he doesn’t make it clear that in order to understand the process, you’ll need to learn every single concept inside the whole simple sites big profits course first.

So, you’ll need to:

  • Learn about affiliate marketing

  • Learn how to build a website

  • Learn about autoresponders

  • Learn about traffic generation

  • Learn about Cost Per Action (CPA)

  • Learn about setting up Google/Bing ads, split testing and a whole lot more…

So Who Is Marcus Campbell? 

(AKA Affiliate Marketing Dude)

Marcus Campbell spends a good portion of the simple sites big profits home page focusing more on his life struggles than the Simple Sites Big Profits training. 

He repeatedly goes into his personal details on how he overcame alcoholism, with his rehab stories, his magician days, and how he rose to his self professed success online. In my opinion, this is to build rapport and comes across as a personable, honest guy that cares about helping people make money online doing what he does.

But the fact is that Marcus is a pretty cunning marketer and knows the importance of gaining his audience’s trust and continuously hammers his brand…. HIMSELF!

What’s In Simple Sites Big Profits Training?

In the Simple Sites Big Profits training you’re forced to endure several very lengthy videos that begin with Marcus mainly talking about his past and promoting his products. The videos are unedited streamed YouTube videos and are over an hour long. You have to sift through them to find any useful information.
Quite honestly, I’ve never seen a more unorganized, poorly created course in my life. Besides the hour long lengthy videos you have to sit through, it’s very hard to maneuver within the course itself. It’s outdated, there’s no direction, so you have no clue where to go next, and many of the pages were broken links or nothing happened when you clicked on the icons. 
In the member’s area there are three simple sites big profits training, 2015, 2016, and 2017. Seriously, how many do you need? More importantly… Why are there so many? It’s very confusing! 
The Marcus Mentor Me, is simply him doing another live stream on YouTube with a large group of people that are getting their High Ticket Niche websites evaluated by him. It’s more like a Q & A, but it’s another lengthy hour long process and most of them never even get their sites seen or their questions answered. So it’s not a one-on-one mentoring session as one would think.

Marcus is constantly promoting his High Ticket Niche (HTN) offer in every video he creates, where he claims that he does it all for you for the price of $997.

  • He finds your profit niche

  • He gets you a domain

  • He gets you the offers

  • He gets you the traffic method

  • He gets the site setup for you and more….

What he fails to mention is that you have to create the landing page! Wait, wasn’t this all supposed to be done for you?
The truth is that he never found my niche, he was too busy to even set up the initial meeting to help me find my niche. Someone else helped me find it AND the domain name, not Marcus. Although I paid Marcus to do just that.
Then it took over 5 more weeks to build the site. I was emailing his support staff for weeks trying to get my site or a refund. But they kept telling me they were waiting for Marcus to get back to them and that he doesn’t offer refunds due to the costs involved. 
I’ve been designing websites since 2009, so I know EXACTLY what it costs and how long it takes.
I did NOT receive many of these ‘bonuses’ and after speaking to several other unsatisfied customers I quickly discovered that I wasn’t the only one. 
What I did receive was an unsatisfactory website that was a gaudy pink wallpaper custom theme (everyone’s sites looked exactly the same) that was not editable, a blurry clip-art logo, and his plugins were full of links that promote him (big surprise). 
But since Campbell refuses to refund your money you’re stuck with a website of such low quality that many of the popular advertising sites (wouldn’t even accept you as an affiliate after visiting your site). 
Never had that happen before! 

The Pros And Cons


  • There’s some useful information in there that could work using free and paid traffic 
  • It is possible to earn money using the methods in this system


  • No Refund Policy “due to the personal support and my commitment to you… your high ticket niche purchase is non refundable. We will work with you till you get results” (Never worked with me to get results)
  • Too expensive of a price range for the low quality product you receive (there are way better, affordable products out there)
  • Claims that you can make money with minimal work
  • Too hard to watch the lengthy videos and the unsystematic course makes it very confusing to follow
  • Not newbie friendly at all
  • Constantly promoting upsells to you
After speaking to the other members, they wanted to make sure I expressed their complaints about Marcus: 
  • The NO refund policy.
  • The videos are way too long and full of promotions for the HTN upsell along with his stories that are irrelevant to any training.
  • Complaints about unresponsive support and having difficulty in  contacting Campbell, or no follow up whatsoever from him.
  • The cost of the program is too expensive, it’s very unorganized and difficult to follow.
  • The training is not for newbies, it’s very time consuming and confusing.
  • Most of the program’s software seems to have bugs and some of the page links were broken or had 404 ‘not found’ error codes.
  • The training is based on Blue Host and Aweber which leaves no options for other alternatives.
  • Getting free traffic on the first page of Google may take forever with a simple site.
  • A big portion of the training is outdated and other websites mentioned no longer even exist.
  • The whole course needs to be re-done, edited and streamlined.  Without all the upsells and focused only on step-by-step training videos that are quick and to the point. 

My Final Word On Simple Sites Big Profits

So, is Marcus Campbell and his Simple Sites Big Profits a scam? After speaking to so many other unsatisfied customers and based on my own experience, I’d have to emphatically say YES! 
To make bold claims of “we will work with you until you get results” and not uphold that statement is one thing, but to not even offer a refund or some type of compensation for services that were NOT received is definitely A SCAM in my book! 
Anyway you look at it, it’s unethical, dishonest and lacks integrity.
If Marcus were to change his policy of refunding those that are NOT happy with what he claims or products delivered, and then he were to streamline, update and create a course that over delivers, then I would re-evaluate my review of Simple Sites Big Profits.
I stand by my review, based entirely on these facts of my experience. I would NOT recommend Simple Sites Big Profits to anyone, especially a newbie that’s not tech savvy.

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